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[Now available at:] Speedvagen Integrated Cross Stem


[Now available at:]
This is the first time that a Speedvagen component is being offered separate from the frameset and we’re so excited to release something that we feel brings real value to all cross racers. In collaboration with ENVE, we’ve designed and built a carbon stem with integrated front brake routing that replaces the hanger and the associated flex, weight, chatter and unsightly lines that come with it.

We’ve been running this stem on our team bikes for years now and our experience is that it essentially eliminates front-end chatter while braking. The additional rider benefits that come with smoother cable routing, lighter braking action and 51g weight savings are in keeping with the Speedvagen mantra: “Take away everything that isn’t essential and refine what’s left.”

● Eliminates the weight of the cable hanger and 8” of additional housing for a combined weight savings of 51g
● Significantly decreases cable flex and in turn adds power to braking
● Offers the lowest possible stack height for shorter riders
● The more direct braking line means less cable/housing friction
● Helps calm brake chatter
● The gradual radius of the stainless internal routing offers less cable friction and lighter braking action

Titanium hardware, cold forged alloy faceplate, molded-in threads and stainless internal routing.
• Weight: 133g (110mm)
• Length: 90, 100, 110, 120mm
• Rise: -6º
• Clamp: 31.8
• Stack: 41mm

Note: Please allow up to 3-weeks for delivery.

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